Sunday, April 11, 2010

People? Reading my blog?

My Studio at the Fayetteville Underground

I finally pushed the button that lets everyone read my blog. So far, I am pretty sure no one has, but if you had been in my studio yesterday, I think you would have found it amusing. A studiomate came by and asked me what I was doing. I told him I have a blog that only I can read and I am working on it. “You mean it’s an invisiblog?” he said. I started laughing—at myself, at the process—and all the angst (well, most of it) went away.

Today I find myself hoping you’ll find this space and read it! What a difference. I feel excited by the possibilities. How did I do it? I signed up for the Blog Triage Class lead by Alyson Stanfield and Cynthia Morris. Having the structure, lessons and support of a class really made it all possible…thank you!

So now that I have pushed the button, I am wondering who “everyone” is?


  1. Jennifer Did you see the list of post ideas in yesterdays class Im finding the course really useful too.

  2. I have so enjoyed my visit to your website. I find what you're creating to be so sane, so subtle and sane, so sweet and strong and subtle and sane.

    Your exhibition artist statement is rich. One could dive into it and swim about and discover the parts of life that they are interested in reconciling.

    I particularly felt the pull toward 'Know is No More' and 'Even song'...also 'I Never Knew'.

    Every piece that's posted for 2009 is speaking volumes.

    Congratulations on the your Reconciliation' exhibition and on having pieces find their 'forever homes'. So deserved...and... isn't that such a lovely confirmation of your beautiful rich, strong and subtle voice.

    Obviously Myers-Briggs doesn't understand how much inner work you do when you are alone;-)

  3. Hi Jennifer,

    just a comment to let you know I found you, and I'm reading. I took the Blog Triage class a year ago and found it very helpful. I'm also a fiber artist (though my blog is not an art blog)... and look forward to your explorations. I'm curious to know more about your experiences with the Seven Step Daily Spiriutal Art Discipline. A series of articles, perhaps? What are the steps and how do they influence your creativity?

  4. Thank you, Moira. Those are great ideas for a series of blog posts! What kind of fiber art do you do?