Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Miracle Nosh

Winter Sunset Scarf • 10" x 72" • ©2010 Jennifer Libby Fay

On the morning of Christmas Eve there was only had one errand left. We were on our way to the Fed Ex substation to pick up the case of wine I'd ordered from Hafner Vineyard, one of our favorite California wineries.

"Do you want to stop for coffee?", he asked.

"What I WANT, I replied, is a REAL bagel, with REAL cream cheese, and LOX with a slice of tomato and some capers. THAT'S what I WANT."

"So that would be a no on the coffee then?"

Feeling instantly terrible that I was once again focusing on what I don't have instead of all the wonderful blessings that fill my life, I said, as sweetly as I could, "of course honey, I'd love a cup of coffee, thank you for asking."

The day went on with it's usual Saturday tasks and Christmas preparations. At about 3pm the door bell rang. It was the UPS guy with a box his arms. We weren't expecting any deliveries so I must have had a surprised look on my face because he said, "Must be a present." and pushed the box toward me. At that moment I noticed that there was a little white sticker on it that said BAGEL BRUNCH.  

No, that can't possibly be, I thought. How weird.

Zabar's Bagel Brunch Gift Basket

Yep, the bagel brunch gift basket, all the way from Zabar's in New York City! Thanks to Julie, Kirk, Eliot and Will for REAL bagels, two kinds of REAL cream cheese, lox and a bonus supply of coffee and rugelach. I had the tomato on the counter and capers in the fridge. It was a feast, I tell you, a miracle feast!

Due to judicious rationing, I'm still enjoying the bagels and every time I take a bite I am grateful for the reminder that miracles do really still happen.