Monday, June 14, 2010

Brief Interlude

Did you know that a gallon of water weighs 8.35 pounds?

I did not.

Even though I had help carrying the 6 gallons (50 lbs.) of water from the kitchen area to my studio, it seems I have sprained my wrist and rest is required.

Maybe it would be a good time for us all to pause and say thank you to our bodies for their marvelous service. (Feel free to apologize to certain overused parts if you need to.)


  1. Guess you will be using the down time for dreaming. Take care of your wrist.

  2. So sorry to hear it your drawing/painting hand?? May you recover in perfect order.

    This is week three for me being in a knuckle to shoulder hard cast since my drawing/painting wrist has two broken bones following a bicycle adventure.

    hmmm...I think Meg's giving good advice ;-)

  3. That IS great advice, Meg. Hmmm, permission to dream, what a concept!

    Iona, I had no idea your injury was so severe. When does the cast come off? How do you manage? I feel helpless with only a sprain (yes, it is my dominant hand). While I am dreaming I will send you healing thoughts.

  4. Jennifer, so tough when our bodies say uncle (or is it aunt for women?)! I'm wishing you all the best during your "dreamtime."

  5. Hi Jennifer...Yay...thank you for the healing's the first day of summer and as of this morning the heavy knuckle to shoulder cast has been cut off and I now wear a brace very similar to yours...for the next six weeks.

    non dominant hand drawing has gotten quite well as writing...lookin' for the silver lining ;-)